Altela Software is a professional moniker name of Altela Eleviansyah Pramardhika, a person with 8 years of experience in IT fields. To be more specific, Altela has the 3 years of experience in IT hardwares & support, also 6 years of Odoo functional & technical development experience.

Altela Software is a project where Altela himself is providing support and assistance through all the online customer across the world. He provides consultation regarding Odoo functional solutions such as architecting the whole Odoo workflows and how modules and apps is being able to working with each other seamlessly. He also provide the assistance of technical matters such as Odoo custom module development, deployment, bug fixings, and module efficiency based on customer requirements.

Its Time For Some Changes

If you have custom requirements on your company or need consultancy, Altela Software will be glad to assist you.